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No Man's Land Classic

No Mans Land

This is where I'll post updates on trying to get this event done, and some of our ideas for it.

So far the goal is to get an NHL preseason game in Madison or Milwaukee. The goal in Madison would probably be to get the Minnesota Wild and Chicago Blackhawks. If we couldn't get those teams, it may be a better idea to hold it at the Bradley Center.

Another idea is to get all the current NHL players that played at Wisconsin for some sort of charity type game.

We may be able to do both and have it be a long weekend event.

Any other ideas?

Hello Mr. Bettman - 2/22/2011

Support the team

Yesterday I left a voicemail for Gary Bettman (he wasn't in), so I'm expecting a franchise any day now.

Aside from that what we are actually trying to do is to get an NHL preseason game here in Madison tentatively called "The No Man's Land Classic." It's time to pull an Andy Durfresne on his ass. Wish us luck.



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